Monday, 2 December 2019

Watercolour Paintings 61

Here are Decembers batch, a little late and rather hastily put together as I have been otherwise occupied most of this month. Hopefully there will still be much of interest. There are a number where I haven't been able to track down the artist. Any corrections welcome.

The incredible Yuko Nagayama

Direk Kingnok

Bhira Painting

Bev Jozwiak

Gerard Hendriks
Gerard continues to amaze with his widening range of subjects

Roberty Wade

Dianne Benoit

Edward Seago

This is one of my favourites of his

Luis Camara

The amazing Ted Nutall Look at the colours!

Zhao Zhiqiang

Luis Camara

 Shirley Trevena - Wow!

Henry Arfin

Tim Wilmott


Bev Jozwiak Another Wow! Love it!

Carol Hillsbery Terrific.

Vladislav Yeliseyev

Jung Hun-sung

Ann-Christin Moberg

Chien Chung Wei

Hope you like them. Some fantastic paintings in a wide range of subjects, colours and styles. Watercolour! You can't beat it!  BLOG INDEX JUNE 2014


ahmed said...

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Sherry Schmidt said...

Hi Peter, just found your blog. The palm tree attributed to me isn't mine. Looks like Direk Kingnok's signature. Thanks for noticing my watercolors tho! Sherry

Peter Ward said...

Thanks and apologies

indianagreg said...

Re: "Artist?"

I believe that is Robert Wade, "The Seekers."

manu said...

Hello. Sixth painting is from Wade. The other two, maybe spanish Luis Cámara. Un saludo

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for corrections. Much appreciated.