Sunday 18 November 2018


I have just updated the INDEX. This is in JULY 2014. I know accessing this is a bit of a fag BUT there is a lot of good stuff there, including by other contributors. Sorry I originally said June.

To access the Index. 

1. Scroll down list on right hand side.

2. Click on 2014.

3. Click on July.

4. Click on Index.


abdulMuiz Chulan said... do I access the Index..? I cant find the link to it..

Mr Ward...could u do an article on Painting Holidays..pleasee

Peter Ward said...

Sorry Abdul it is JULY not JUNE, GO down the list on the right hand side/ Click on 2014. When this comes up click on July and there you are.
I may do something on painting holidays as I've been thinking about it.