Saturday 2 June 2018

Watercolour Paintings 43

For June here are the latest batch of watercolours. I've been on holiday recently so haven't been able to 'collect' as many as usual. It depends on what you prefer but there is some lovely work here.

? Not sure who the artist is? It isn't Gerard (I don't think) although similar in many respects. In any event I love it! OF COURSE BEV JOZWIAK!

Woon Lam Ng

Stan Miller

This is on Yupo paper, which Stan has been experimenting on. No drawing (I think) and he feels it has enabled him, a very precise although not super realistic painter,  to 'loosen up'. Yupo with it's shiny, smooth surface is certainly unusual. I have a small sheet supplied with a copy of 'Watercolor Artist' but haven't yet plucked up the courage to try it!

Trevor Lingard

The ever reliable Trevor

Robert Brindley

N B Gurung

The brilliant  Nepalese artist, again much is to be found about him if you look

Roberty Wade

The guru of Australian watercolour artists. One of his older paintings this is Cape Canaveral.

 Gerard Hendrike

I have to include Gerard, one of my favourite artists and great person.

Edward Seago

Seago, although shunned by the art establishment,  despite being a close  friend of the Royal family,  was - and still is - one of the most influential British artists. Although he painted many watercolours like the above oils were his first love. Look at how he portrays this scene with such simplification.

N B Gurung by a Chinese Artist - I've put this in because I love the way it has been painted. Many of these Chinese artists are just breathtaking.

Roland Hilder
A legendary British artist from the Seago era.

Chien ching-wei

This guy is a fabulous artist. Googling him will produce a lot more of his work.

Abhijeet Bahadure

Woon Lam Ng

Oscar Quadros from Peru

That's it then folks hope you like them.


Pat said...

The rooster painting is by Bev Jozwiak. Please give her credit

babyKatherine said...

I'm very glad to read this kind of post again, such of beautiful artworks in here.

I found the first picture you posted online and seems to be made by Bev Jozwiak, another great artist I already saw here in your blog.

I agree with you about Nb Gurung- I saw amazing artworks from him.

Thank you for sharing this nice collection:)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks both. I should have known as she is one of my favourite artists!

nikkisa889 said...

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