Thursday, 1 February 2018

Watercolour Paintings (39)

Here are Februarys batch - a bumper lot with a mixture of styles, old and new (to me) artists and much to ponder and study.

Frank Ebers

Angele Villat

Xi Guo

Ryan Fox

Souvik Sil

Ray Maclachlan
This is a sketch by Ray, a friend and an amateur like me, who goes out at the crack of dawn to paint plein air in Australia! I thought I'd give him a thrill!

Tim Oliver

Igor Sava

Janet Rogers

Lovely portrait painter in a loose style. A female Charles

Kourosh Asiani (?)

Catherine Rey

I love her work.

Gerard Hendriks

Charles Reid

A typical Charles Reid study almost certainly painted as a workshop demo.

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey

This young African artist is now a big name on the international circuit. He used to call me (in my and his early days ) Sir Peter!

Janine Gallizia

The surreal nature of her painting always appeals to me.

Jung Hum-Sung

Amazing portraits even though I admire super-realism I 'v never wanted to paint like that.

Sarah Yeoman

Robert Zangarelli

This is great - my kind of painting.

Gerard Hendriks

Graham Flatt
I'd never heard of this artist but love this one.

Cesc Farre

Jun Hun-Sung

Gerard Hendriks

Wow! Look at the colours.

Charles Reid

An excellent example of Charles figure work.

Amongst these artists are several I haven't previously featured or indeed know anything about. If you 'google' them or search on Facebook at least some will be found for further study. I also feature some of my favourites.

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