Friday 2 September 2016

Watercolour Paintings (22)

Here are this months batch of watercolour paintings to interest and (hopefully) inspire. Of course as far as styles are concerned 'different strokes for different folks'. This certainly applies in my case and I prefer in general 'loose' paintings however that may be defined. I do admire many others even though I don't aspire to paint like them. Perhaps it is a case of painting within my limitations, although anyone who thinks painting 'loose' is easy is mistaken because there is a very small margin between loose paintings and a mess. One of the secrets I've defined is that  the very best  artists who paint like this are actually really  good at detail and know how to put just enough in, which sets off the rest. Oh I wish!

Bev Jozwiak

I like this ladies paintings very much. She alternates between acrylics and watercolour and I think the above is watercolour (?), although the actual results of the two mediums don't appear that different.   

Artist? Not sure who this is - it could be Bev again -  but decided to leave it in. If I find out who the artist is  I'll put details in later.

Milind Mulick. A very fine prolific artist whose use of colour deserves serious study. 

Jean Haines

I'm not a fan of this lady although she has a large group of enthusiastic followers.

Virgil Carter - I first encountered Virgil - a charming and knowledgeable artist - on Wetcanvas. He has a very distinctive style using very bold colour.

Catherine Rey

I love the work of this French artist.

Charles Reid

I am a follower of Charles Reid, who everyone reading this blog will know. Especially His portrait and figure work.

Trevor Lingard - a fine British artist, always interesting and varied.

Morten E Solberg Snr

Super American artist who combines animals and the landscape in a way no other does.

Another from Bev Joswiak

Milind Mulick again - amazing

Sun Yu - unknown to me but quite superb.

Another from Milind just to show his versatility

Who else but Viktoria Prischedko!


Simple Living Blogger said...

I love these painting roundups! They are so inspiring. :) Your blog is a wealth of information. Thank you so much for publishing it.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for those kind words!