Monday 19 January 2015


This was the subject at the latest Avon Valley Artists session with 11 members present. As you can see this allows for a wide interpretation which is a theme of many of our subjects.

Pauline Vowles 
 Pauline used a lot of texture on this. I think she put tissue paper on prior to painting.

Not sure who this was???

Yvonne Harry

Jan Weeks 

Pat Walker

Peter Ward 
 This is my `secret` indulgence a BIG (full English) breakfast. Actually I'm not allowed it very often, only cornflakes or porridge! The main focus of the painting was the eggs. I thought if I got them right the rest would take care if itself. 

An interesting selection I'm sure you'll agree.


Unknown said...

Great set of pictures that did my dieting no good at all. Love your effort, one of your best.

Peter Ward said...

Do you like the `Big Breakfast'also Mick?

Ray Maclachlan Art said...

I agree with Mick, great effort. You must paint what you like, you do it well.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. Good enough to eat? (laugh)

Jan Weeks said...

Love the big breakfast painting Peter. We all felt quite hungry by the end of the painting session!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jan yes they brought out the hunger pains.