Sunday 21 December 2014

More Watercolour Paintings (2)

Here is another selection of watercolour paintings covering several subjects. They show many styles and techniques from artists of quality, even if individual paintings aren't necessarily to everyones taste. Some are well-known others less so but all are of interest. PLEASE NOTE EXTENSIVE INDEX JULY 2014.

Stephie Butler - Stephies work is easily identifiable with her delicacy and colour choices

Morten E Solberg Snr - a terrific American artist who produces very atmospheric landscape/wildlife paintings

Christian Couteau - His work is easily identifiable with his unusual colour choices

Charles Reid - Enough said!

Michelle Brown - I don't know this artist but like the looseness of this one.

Millind Mullick - The prolific Millind often features red and green, in this case orange and green 

Janet Rogers - an American artist who paints beautiful delicate portraits

Yuko Nagayama - This supreme Japanese artist normally paints still lifes/flowers so this is something of a change for her but equally good

Viktoria Prischedko - This one and the one below are typical Viktoria. It is amazing she produces such colourful paintings with such a limited palette (5 paints)

Viktoria Prischedko

Robert Wade- The doyen of Australian artists. I know this scene which is in Bristol. One of Roberts sons studied medicine here.

Ananta Mandel - Thanks to Alberto I now know Ananta is a man and has a Facebook page.

Orhan Gorel - a brilliant Turkish artist

Edward Seago -  A fairly simple study from the famous Seago.

I hope I have all the names right - if not I apologize to the artists concerned. Corrections welcome.


ann @ studiohyde said...

Love this selection of paintings Peter.

Peter Ward said...

Glad you liked them Ann.

Alberto Gonzalez. Watercolorist. said...

Hi, friend Peter

Ananta Mandal is a man. He is my friend on Facebook.
For more paintings, to see your webpage:

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Alberto I'll correct this.