Sunday, 29 June 2014

Keynsham Art Trail

Avon Valley Artists participated in this annual (or is it bi-annual?) event on Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th June.  I have become disenchanted with exhibiting but was persuaded to do so once again. 

Our leaders Yvonne Harry and Jan Weeks

The two top and bottom left are mine. I'm afraid I didn't note the others.

The painting on the left is by Jan and that on the right by Yvonne.

Pauline Vowles on the left, Jan Weeks on the right

Due to the size of the hall paintings were restricted to 4 framed per member plus as many unframed as you wished. This resulted in a total of 70 framed paintings making an excellent exhibition as can be seen above. Quality is high for an amateur group. There was a steady stream of visitors over the two days.

I don't know what the final sales total was but once again Yvonne  and Jan were the most successful artists, . Interest has been expressed in my painting of the Jaguar but I decided it was NFS.


Ray Maclachlan Art said...

I know how you feel about exhibiting Peter, have felt like that lately. Must be getting old! You do have an excellent exhibition area.

Peter Ward said...

Yes, a nice small exhibition Ray. As for exhibiting!