Tuesday 20 May 2014

Water Gatherer

This is from a black and white - more sepia - photograph from the wonderful Facebook resource for old photos of American Indians `Moses on the Mesa'.

18" x 12" Fabriano Artistico, actually on the reverse side of a `failed' painting.

I was very taken by the original photo, although I realised it would be difficult to interpret. I'm not entirely happy with the above but can't quite put my finger on what is not  right. The original is in a sepia shade but as this is mountainous country - and she is getting water from a rock pool - it would be very hot and dry so I used `hot' colours like Quinacridone Gold (DS PO49) and some Translucent Orange (Schminke PO71) to try and convey the feeling of heat. Possibly I've overdone this. Otherwise mostly Raw Umber, Raw Sienna and diluted Cerulean for the Sky with diluted Raw Sienna for the far distance.

I made an initial drawing, not over detailed, and then painted starting with the figure. I then worked outwards away from the figure. The sky and background were painted last. I also tried to convey the feeling of distance. I'm tempted to have another try.

Usual Isabey Kolinsky sables, 4,6 and 8 with the da Vinci Artissimo mop for the sky..


Ray Maclachlan Art said...

Painting looks right to me Peter. Great colours. The distant hills could be a bit strong, your call.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. I've actually made another drawing and will have another shot at it (I think)!

Connie in Alabama said...

I agree with Ray, the distant hills should be faint and cooler in color. I'd also crop this on the right, about the region of the peak in the hills, so that the figure moves more to the 1/3 position in the composition. Love painting from old photos of Native Americans.