Tuesday, 25 March 2014

More Paintings I like

Just to lighten the mood while I await the next  onslaught from `anonymous' (just joking) here is another selection of paintings that caught my attention. I'm sure some may not be to everyones taste but there is sufficient variety, apart from super realistic as I prefer looser more impressionistic paintings. 

from the delightful Stephie Butler

Vickie Nelson  - an excellent artist

Morten E Solberg Snr - another terrific American artist

John Yardley - still one of the best British watercolour artists.

Viktoria Prischedko - amazing talent

The prolific Milind Mulick

Burhan Ozer from Turkey

Yuko Nagayama from Japan - amongst other things she uses ten different varieties of salt!

Henry Arafin

Alvaro Castagnet - the well-known workshop artist

Winslow Homer - legendary American 

Finally Robert Wade - the doyen of Australian watercolour. This scene above is in Bristol where one of Roberts sons was an intern at the main hospital.

I know most of these artists if not all. Once again the different interpretations and use of colour are worth studying. 


Sharon Whitley said...

love all of them too! Thanks for sharing

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Sharon. Amazing variety aren't they.

artist said...

Great choices.
Isn't the third from the bottom Alvaro Castagnet?

Peter Ward said...

You are absolutely right Delilah. My mistake - sorry about that! I've corrected it.

Jessica said...

I know this is late, but I have only recently found your blog. I am new to watercolor and through these posts have discovered some wonderful artists, so thank you! And I also really enjoy your art; I find your style very appealing and hope to be as accomplished someday.

But I think that for the second to last piece in this post you meant Winslow Homer... :)

Peter Ward said...

Quite right. Not for the first time I#'ve got the name misspelled. I'll correct it.