Monday 31 May 2010

JACKSON'S Eco Handmade

Last year Jacksons launched a new handmade paper from India. 100% recycled cotton and produced in a factory where the water used in the process is then run off to irrigate the field surrounding the factory. The price is good, lower than those of the mould made papers  like Waterford and Fabriano, and half the price of Arches. As well as asking for and receiving the free paper samples PJESAM, I purchased two full sheets of the 140lb  smooth/medium. It comes in three weights including 560lb(!) and three surfaces. The samples were given to three other artists at my Avon Valley Group for them to try. They all gave the paper a big thumbs down.  Yesterday I decided to try painting on it. This is the result.

Jackson's Eco Handmade 22" x 14" 140lb smooth/medium 'The Marina Grande at Sorrento'

The paper is roughly made and tends to be on the bumpy side. Although supposedly 140lb it seems thicker and possibly heavier than the mould-made products. The surface is similarly `rough' in consistency. I first made the drawing and the pencil seemed to drag on the paper somewhat. When I began painting the surface  scuffed in places very easily and wasn't consistent. It took the colour moderately well but I almost gave up on it at times. Unfortunately I can't give it much of a recommendation which is a pity. My fellow artists likened it to blotting paper and were even more critical, although they only had small samples. I can't think what sort of watercolour painting it would suit. Maybe collage but what else?
Note added 1 June: I forgot to mention that I taped the paper to my board and when I came to remove it, literally only two hours or so later, it ripped the paper very badly.     

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