Saturday, 1 September 2018

Watercolour Paintings 46

Here are the latest batch to start off September. As usual they are a mixture to show the variety and versatility of watercolour with a little personal bias towards artists I  particularly like.

The wonderful Shirley Trevena. I have her first book and video, but to try and emulate her is not for the faint hearted!

Edo Hannema - superb landscapes

Janet Rogers - The excellent American artist 

Sir William Russel Flint - a legendary artist from the earlier era

Virgil Akins

Virgil has succeeded in developing his own unique style.

John Singer Sarjeant - enough said!

Jonathan Kwegyir  Aggrey

Bev Jozwiak.

The ever creative Bev is doing some painting on Yupo paper

Trevor Lingard

Robert Ferguson

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey - I should have known!!!

Gerard Hendriks - one of a series of boat paintings

Karl Martens.
I recently came across this interesting artists who specialises in birds. His paintings are actually quite large.

Yuko Nagayama.

Unusual subject of a portrait for Yuko but brilliant as usual. Eat your heart out Ward!

Another from Shirley Trevena

Janine Gallizia.

Her paintings have this amazing ethereal look. I believe she's one of the founders of "The Art of Watercolour' magazine.

Jean Haines

Very loose - maybe just a tad too loose - only my opinion.

Joseph Zbukvic  - the well-known Australian Artist.

That's it folks. Hope you like them.

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indianagreg said...

Peter, Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey is the artist's name. As always, I enjoy seeing the paintings you post!