Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Watercolour Paintings 45

Here are Augusts batch. I have again tried to mix them up with a wide variety showing the versatility of watercolour. I hope you all agree. I have included a couple of abstracts.  Some of the artists are unknown to me but they just keep coming

Liam Cheng Wu

A terrific Chinese artist who paints a wide range of subjects.

Yvonne Harry

Yvonne is the leader of my group Avon Valley Artists. She is not a professional artist, although she holds a major  annual exhibition at Wells Cathedral. In my (and others ) view she is  equally as good, if not better, than many professionals in her major mode as a flower painter.  Compare this with the one above.

Hiew Yin-Yui

Gerard Hendriks

Gerard has turned his talents to other subjects recently and his boat studies have the usual dynamic colours and sense of movement that is displayed in other subjects such as birds and animals..

Mika Toronen

Adrian Homersham

Stan Miller -enough said!

Ewa Ludwiczak

Morten Solberg Snr.

Great American artist of outdoor scenes usually the small areas of detail nvolving animals, although they aren't usually a major party of the painting.

Yuko Nagayama
The brilliant Japanese artist

Gang Liang
I love the simplicity of this,

Charles Reid

This is a typical CR painting where he combines flowers with other objects.

Gerard Hendrik

Another boat painting from Gerard - contrast this with the previous one. Slightly more subdued.

Frank Eber
Terrific artist, American I think.

Fealing Lin
Wonderful Chinese -American artist.

Gerard Hendriks

I may be slightly overindulgent here but there is a lot to be learned from Gerards work if you buy into it - and many do.

Robert Wade

The great Australian artist. This is one of his older works. I haven't seen anything recently from him and he is tending to display his back catalogue He's 88 today.

Eric Mishima
I don't know anything about this artist but this is an amazing watercolour.

Winslow Homer
The great American artist.

Robert Ferguson
A typical English landscape in the style of Seago/Wesson.

Dusan Djukaric
Another superb artist from Eastern Europe.

Pavel Pugachev

Pol Ledent

Mary Whyte
Fabulous American artist

Bev Jozwiak
Anothrr fabulous American artist.


Ray Maclachlan said...

Another excellent selection, Peter. Rather liked the Robert Ferguson. More my style. Can't seem to find him on the net.

Peter Ward said...
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Peter Ward said...

No I don't know him either Ray

indianagreg said...

Had to go outside of Google to find Bob Ferguson and used Bing. You may find a few of his paintings on this site: