Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Watercolor Artist

This bi-monthly American magazine recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. It was originally launched under the name  'Watercolor Magic'. This is one of only two magazines devoted to watercolour. The other is the glossy and expensive 'The Art of Watercolour'.  I have written before about this latter one and have nothing to add. This is not to say 'Watercolor Artist'  is cheap. It isn't for us UK artists due to the premium we have to pay. With the magazine is a small pre-paid card, obviously intended for American readers but it does say for International orders add $10. This still makes it quite a bit less than  the £17.71p, which includes postage, we pay for three issues. In the UK I subscribe to it through Newstand via the internet.  I did have it  for a few months in 2014 but for some reason didn't continue. IF UK artists purchase direct the cost is $47.97 for two years, including the extra $10 for International purchases. This shows a substantial saving. I am tempted to try. 

I subscribed to 'The Artist' magazine for some years. Previously I also bought 'Leisure Painter' from the same publisher. 'Leisure painter' is aimed at the beginner and intermediate artist. Recently I decided to discontinue 'The Artist' as I have found less and less of interest, as it covers all media. My feeling about it was that it was mainly repeating itself year after year, and the rich World of watercolour outside the UK barely if ever features, I know this is partly a language problem but even Continental watercolour artists, many of whom ate fluent in English, don't get a mention. 

The latest issue of Watercolour Artist has 72 pages and features several artists, most of whom are new to me, but this isn't always the case with top artists  like Bez Jozwiak, Fealing Lin and Ted Nuttall featured in other issues. Topics include painting Earth, Sea and Sky, Flowers, and the 9th Annual Watermedia Showcase.

Is it worth buying? Obviously yes for American watercolour artists. In the UK the price is high but on balance I think, if you are a watercolour enthusiast, just about unless price is an issue.


Oscar Solis said...

I tend to thumb through Watercolor Artist magazine. The artists featured are always good and it's interesting to read about their artistic journeys and inspirations, but there is a sameness to all the how to articles. I do enjoy the UK magazines that come here like Leisure Artist, even if it's, as you mention, geared more for the beginner. But again, like many of the magazines, the how to articles all tend to blend together. I very rarely buy these or any art magazine (In fact, when I now buy an instruction book it's always because I like the artists work and it's the only way to get it in print). Mostly, I'm content to watch Youtube where one is able to see paintings being created as well as hearing the artist themselves describe their process and even their frustrations and doubts as they work. I wonder if that is now the case with others?

Peter Ward said...

Hi Oscar. This is a complicated subject and I found my views changed over time. I agree with you about Youtube in that there is an amazing amount of material on there, some good some maybe a little superficial. I am dubious about some of the promotional stuff though.