Saturday, 31 March 2018

Watercolour Paintings 41

With the beginning of Spring here is another batch of watercolours from around the World.

Robert Wade

The doyen of Australian watercolour artists Bob is also a very nice man. I had contact with him a few years ago via e mail. He well remembered Bristol as his son had been a medical student here.

Yuko Nagayama

This lady is an amazing artist. I don't think there is another like her. Her paintings have this wonderful ethereal quality. 

Bijay Biswaal


Sarah Yeoman

Sarah has done several similar paintings. Catches the subject (and turmoil) of birds competing with one another very well. An unusual subject.

Stan Miller

This is a good example of Stans portraits. I think this was a demo.

Amit Kapoor

Fantastic detail. I imagine this is quite a large painting.

Aud Rye

This is so evocative! Mother (or is it father?) and children.

Vickie Nelson

Typical of Vickies work. Loose and colourful with just the right amount of detail, mainly the yellow and white Iris slightly left of centre. which attracts the eye.

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey

Different from much of Jonathans work which often entails large panoramas.

Nikhil Girl

A new one to me, almost abstract but set off by the two tiny figures in the centre.

Gerard Hendriks

The wonderfully colourful and prolific Gerard. Colour and movement. What more can I say!

Charles Reid

This is a typical pose and good example of Charles figure paintings. I've been trying to emulate him for years (with only moderate - if at all - success!) Small areas of detail - large areas of generality.

Cao bei An

This fine Chinese artist was featured in Kees van aalst's book 'Realistic Abstracts'. He also has some videos on Youtube, which is a rich source of inspiration and demonstrations for artists.

Trevor Lingard

One of the best British watercolour artists of the modern era.

Robert Brindley

This almost seems like a pastel but it is said to be watercolour  from this British artist.

Roberto Zangarelli

I very much like the work of Roberto and this is a typical example. Three large shapes, the building to the left, the trees on the right and most important the tram at bottom front with it's yellow colour highlight. Look how he creates depth.

Diann Benoit

This is a typical Diann  painting from her Monday night class painted from a live model, bold and colourful.

That's it folks another batch of highly individual paintings which I hope has something for everyone, regardless of taste. My personal preferences  are towards  the looser end of the spectrum but I can - and do - admire other styles, even though I wouldn't want to emulate them even if i was capable of it. Each to h or her is own. What a wonderful and underrated medium watercolour is.

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babyKatherine said...

Beautiful, beautiful collection! Love it, thanks for sharing it! Please Keep going with amazing work and collections like this!