Monday, 26 February 2018

My Latest Paintings

Here are my latest efforts. They are all 16" x 12" mostly Waterford 300gsm not. I have started painting on the backs of rejected or superseded paintings as I have a huge pile of these and new blocks work out £1.50 a sheet  so why waste more paper. You can paint on the backs of many makes. Ron Ranson did so and told me one such painting was hung at the Royal Academy!

Flat Iron - Sioux

I'm rather pleased with this one which is very close to the desired effect. I just hope I can repeat it. 

An Apache Warrior
 This individual had a very 'craggy look' which I may have overdone slightly.

Big Ears!

You can see that this one and the following are a 'riot of colour'. I have looked at Gerard Hendriks and some others who use what Charles Reid calls .... actually I've forgotten what he calls them ( is it random colours?) but he means colours that aren't actually visible in the subject. Perhaps I've overdone it but I rather like the effect. After all the true colours of these animals are rather dull. I wish I'd been more adventurous earlier in my watercolour odyssey. Realistic abstracts? I'd like to think so.


This was painted before the previous one and the colours are not so vivid but I think probably better.


This was an AVA Thursday subject,

A Saucy Look

I did this one at home in my 'studio'. I quite like it but it isn't exactly what I wanted to convey.

Relaxing on the beach.

This was another AVA subject. The Kangaroo relaxing on the beach appealed to me. This from an actual photograph.

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