Friday, 8 December 2017

Recent Paintings

Here are my latest efforts.

This and the painting next were done as part of our AVA subject of 'Autumn'. A hedgehog on the lookout for food.

See above. This one has found an apple!

So was this.

This is an uncompleted sketch done for the 'Autumn' subject. I keep meaning to do some more work on it. A bit redder than the actual painting.

This subject for the AVA was 'Looking out of a door or window'.

Same as above

This is an American comedienne, although I don't know much - or anything about -despite her apparent fame. Shown here with pet.

Red Squirrel - Winter scene. The actual painting isn't quite as red as shown above.

Another 'Winter Scene' - I believe this is a Redpoll/

Squirrel showing he doesn't like the snow and cold either!

These paintings were done on either Khadi hand-made paper or  Waterford High White. The exception is the red squirrel, two above, which is Britannia Rough. I did have a spell using Britannia, which is a Hanhnemuhle paper, one side is quite rough with a  pattern that some might not like, while the other is smooth. I haven't tried to paint on the smooth side so don't know if this is feasible. If you can cope with it a very good budget option.


Elisabeth Atkinson said...

Thank you for posting your paintings; I particularly like the red squirrel on the Hahnemuehle paper. It has lovely fluid washes and the background complements it beautifully. I am thinking of buying a khadi paper block, how do you find working on it compared to Saunders Waterford?

SilverMom said...

Well, last month I asked to see some of your latest, and here we are!

I am over the moon with the on-the-paper color blending you have achieved. It is one of my favorite things with watercolor, but I'm afraid I'm still often achieving mud with my attempts. You've inspired me to keep trying.

Your young woman looking out the window is so evocative.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Elisabeth. I quite like Khadi. I bought a pack of 20 a while back from a shop in Bristol . It is supposed to be A3 but is more like 11 x 15. It is a bit rough and ready as it is only 220gsm so buckles. Not suitable for heavy washes. It takes the paint well though.
Waterford High White is my paper of choice in 16 x 12 blocks. I use the Not surface but other painting friends like the rough.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Silvermom. In my experience mud is due to two things. Overworking and not letting the paint dry between washes. After watching Gerard Hendriks DVD (see review in back catalogue) I dry the paint before moving on to the next bit. This also benefits transparency.

Elisabeth Atkinson said...

Thank you, I will get a pad to experiment with. Like you, my favourite paper is Saunders Waterford, although I use the rough surface. I used to use Bockingford, but to me that seems to have a greyish white compared to Saunders Waterford.

Peter Ward said...

I use the Waterford High White , which most of my friends have switched to rather than the original off white.