Friday, 7 July 2017

Perylene Green & Perylene Violet from Schmincke

The recent upgrade from Schmincke introduced 35 new colours. I have briefly covered them elsewhere but decided to try a couple.They are  currently £9.00 for 15ml tubes from Jacksons, In addition I recently bought Warm Sepia from Daler Rowney. Why this one? Both  John Blockley and John Yardley have mentioned Warm Sepia so I have assumed this is the Daler Rowney paint as nobody else, as far as I know, use this name. 

The swatches on the left are Perylene Green, those on the right Violet with the Warm Sepia bottom right. None of these colours painted out that well but I think the paper is at fault, just an old piece of unknown provenance, so don't damn them on the basis of the above.

Perylene Green (PBk31) was first introduced by Holbein as 'Shadow Green' Subsequently both Winsor &Newton and Daniel Smith introduced  'Perylene Green' - the pure pigment. Apparently the Holbein contains a black so isn't a single pigment paint.

For a brief description from the Art of Pigment database see the post on Schminckes new paints in April.

Perylene Green is a very dark blackish green - almost black in masstone so could be good for backgrounds. Rather dull  so I'm not sure where this might fit in.

Perylene Violet (PV29) is a new pigment and when I gave Yvonne from my painting group both to try, she initially though it very like some Burnt Siennas.When diluted it does show a violet shade and in this form might be good for portraits. These are only initial thoughts others may differ. Yvonne thought the Green more interesting.

Are they worth adding to ones palette? That, as always, is a personal decision but I have my doubts in the case of the Violet. The green perhaps needs playing around with.

As for 'Warm Sepia', another dull colour, I'm not so sure. A three pigment mix?


abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Mr Ward are they as lighfast as PR179 Perylene Maroon?

Peter Ward said...

I would think so.

froukebo said...

Hello, as an amateur watercolorist, I cringe to say that I own 6 sepias, obviously a favorite colour! Sennelier also has a 'warm' sepia, PBr7 and PBk7. They also,have a regular sepia which is almost black, made from the same pigments. My favorite sepia is from rembrandt, PBk7 and PR101. I am very much enjoying your blog! Cheers from the Netherlands, Frouke

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Frouke. Interesting comments about Sepia!