Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Khadi Watercolour Paper

 I was in Foyles bookshop in Cabot Circus Bristol, a while ago and noticed they were selling Khadi watercolour paper in a variety of sizes. As the prices were very good for a handmade paper I couldn't resist buying an A3 pack of 20 sheets. Weight is 320gsm, slightly over 140lbs. The surface is moderately rough. 

Khadi is an Indian handmade paper from 100% long fibered cotton rag. I read somewhere else that it was recycled cotton and they have a mill in Southern India. They do a range of papers and have expanded considerably since the original launch in the 1980s, so they obviously have their adherents. Google 'Khadi' to get to the website.

Apart from Moldau the only other handmade paper I've tried is one under the Jacksons name and I wasn't very impressed. It soaked up paint like blotting paper and was very uneven. Khadi is  a little like this but then so is Moldau. I've not stretched so whether others do this I  don't know. The initial attraction about Khadi is the price which is cheaper than the quality mould-made cotton papers. I have looked up some reviews and they are mixed. This thing about the paper soaking up paint rears it's head again. Obviously the lighter weights would not be so prone to do this. Nevertheless many artists would appear to use it and availability is widespread.

Amerindian Cowboy circa 1900 - A3 Khadi 320gsm

The above is only one painting but I thought the result promising. Until I've done a few more with this paper I can't make a definitive statement  - at least from my own experience - so I'll reserve final judgement until then but will report in a future post.

To quote one example Jacksons (Jacksonsart.com) do a huge range in sizes and weights , from 1000gsm to 210gsm! The A3 size - slightly larger than 16" x 12" - pack of 20 sheets  costs £14.40p. When you consider a block of  20 sheets Waterford (my preferred choice 100% cotton mould-made) 16" x 12" costs £28.60,  this is very reasonable.

I'd be interested in readers experiences if they have tried this paper.

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