Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bath Portrait Drawing/Painting - 2nd Week

 This was the second week of the course and was more demanding. Jackie spoke to us first regarding what she wanted us to do, the overall purpose being to  adopt a more relaxed, more impressionistic and less formulaic approach, something many artists slip into - their comfort zone. The session was broken into four distinct parts using different drawing mediums, fine liners, graphite sticks, charcoal and drawing ink. We were told we shouldn't take more than ten minutes or so for each study but invariably they took longer.

Fine liner sketch on A2

This drawing was with a graphite stick and one of the things we were required to do was move to another easel - two places - after each session so the angle of the model was different. From this you can see I got the front profile of the features wrong and had to the redo them but was unable to erase the earlier marks.

Ocado Drawing ink applied with a sharp stick, one end chisel edged the other pointed. I rather enjoyed this even though it created a `black' result.


Sight unseen drawings. I was reluctant to put the above two drawings on here but warts and all! This was actually the third task and we had to place our body and head slightly in front of the paper and easel. We weren't allowed to look at the paper and were asked to draw a continuous line!  In effect your head was slightly ahead of the easel with your drawing arm hooked round onto the paper, while all the time looking at the model.. Jackie showed us several examples of where she had made drawings using this method and they were universally excellent even if each somewhat different. I found this very difficult as the above examples show. I wouldn't say most of the other (9 this week) were a lot better, although some were. Where comments were made about mine Picasso was mentioned but I fail to see that connection - rather just a mess.

As mentioned earlier we were supposed to take not much more than ten minutes on each but they still filled a two and a half hour session, even with a thirty minute break!  I think it fair to say that everyone on the course is enjoying it. I did this course two or so years ago and it has moved on to some degree.


Mick Carney said...

I'm finding this series fascinating and enjoying your commentary. You capture the tension and difficulty of the type of sessions you are doing. I'm certain that regular work of this sort has the capacity to hone the drawing technique. Great stuff Peter.

Peter Ward said...

Yes, the second session was certainly different Mick. It is interesting and I can see (I think) what she is getting at.