Friday, 12 December 2014

More Portraits in Watercolour

Here is another selection of watercolour portraits in a variety of styles. The artists include some well-known, others not so well-known, but all exhibit a high degree of  skill and quality, at least in my opinion, and I realise not everyone will like all of them. However there is sufficient variety for most. Even if you are not into portraits lessons can be learned from these paintings which might be applied to other subjects.

The wonderful Stan Miller

Ai Xuang - another of these superb asian artists

Guan Weixing - The Master

Janine Galizia - Amazing

Stephie Butler - lovely use of colour

Lu Yongsheng

Charles Reid - a typical CR portrait

Gerard Hendriks - unusual for him as he doesn't do many portraits but full of life

Diann C Benoit  - an excellent artist prominent on Facebook

Ibe Ananaba - always  unusual and often provocative

Steven Scott Young - enough said!

Tong Wuy

I know some of these artists but not all by any means. They are just a few of the many I have come across in the last few years. Styles vary but I'm sure that whatever your tastes some will appeal. If I have any of the names misspelt I do apologize to the artists concerned and stand to be corrected.


Ray Maclachlan said...

An excellent selection Peter, if only a little of their skill would rub off on us.

Peter Ward said...

Our thoughts collide Ray!

Caroline said...

Googled Tong Wuy and Benoit. Nothing. Any ideas?

Peter Ward said...

Not really. Diann has her own Facebook page so you can find her on there. There are so many of these Asian artists who are relatively unknown outside Asia.

Caroline said...

Ahhh! Two "n"s in Diann. That does it.