Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Eurasian Eagle Owl

This is my latest bird for `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun' on Facebook. Fairly simple I made a loose pencil drawing with the eye and beak the focal points, using my Pentel mechanical 07 2B pencil.  

Eurasian Eagle Owl - 12" x 9" Fontenay Rough

Colors used were Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Gold Ochre (W & N), Translucent Brown (Schminke PBr41), Ivory Black (Maimeri) and Cerulean (Daler Rowney) for the beak, and when dry liberal applications of acrylic white (Galeria Titanium White) for highlights applying it with a small stiff bristle brush, dry brushing mainly.

Apart from the bristle brush I used only two brushes, the Isabey Kolinsky sable No.6 and Da Vinci Artissimo 44 No 2, this latter for the background colour. I was quite pleased with the result. .


Jayelle said...
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Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jayelle. I keep looking at Gerard hendriks work and think `now I must improve this and that...'