Saturday, 7 June 2014

Latest Paintings

These are my latest paintings which continue my interest in Native Americans, in this case Eskimo or Inuit women with children and a Nez Perce man.

Ist Painting 16" x 12" 

2nd painting 16" x 12"

I was very taken by photos of these Amerindian (Eskimo) women with child on `Moses on the Mesa' on Facebook. Possibly I could have been a little more subtle and I'm tempted to have another try, particularly of the first one.

Pa-tik-he-ke-heci . A Nez Perce man 1908 - 16" x 12" from the wonderful resource for American Indian photographs on Facebook "Moses on the Mesa"

 The Agami Heron

This is the latest bird painting for the `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun" community on Facebook. I love these bird studies!

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