Friday, 28 March 2014

Wreck 0r Wrack & Ruin

This was the subject at Thursdays AVA session. Only ten members were present due to various reasons, including dislike of the subject. Some of the weekly subjects don't appeal to me but I`ve never stayed away because of this and usually finish up having enjoyed the challenge.








Lots of variation as you can see. In my case I'm doing another piece on the Airacobra as there is an interesting and historical story attached to it. It won't appeal to everybody but connects with another of my interests.


HanaB said...

The themes are really interesting, how do they get decided upon? I liked this one.

Oscar Solis said...

Nice pieces. I wonder why some didn't like the idea of wrecks. I think you can learn a lot by painting or drawing something you don't like or don't feel you are good at. Myself, it's cars. Having drawn enough of them as an illustrator I learned I hated drawing them. See, you can learn something ;)

Peter Ward said...

Hello HanaB. One of our members Jan Weeks decided the programme. There is some input from members who say whether they liked doing them or not. Some subjects are dropped in the next programme if not popular,

Peter Ward said...

Hi Oscar - Frequently some members don't like the subjects. I'm the same but we grit our teeth and get on with it. As you say you can learn a lot from doing something you wouldn't normally tackle.