Sunday, 2 March 2014

More Paintings

Not mine I might add (I wish) but a selection of those I've gathered, like and admire. Some of the artists I know others not. What continues to surprise me is the wonderful number of asian, eastern and far eastern artists , many virtually unknown in the West. There are flourishing watercolour communities in countries like Turkey and they don't seem to be recognized outside their own areas. They are getting increasing recognition  now through Facebook. 

Gerard Hendriks - The wonderful Gerard, bird and animal painter (and other subjects) par excellence and a charming  and generous man. He's coming to the UK in 2015.

Zhou Tianya - another of these fabulous Chinese artists.

Two from Bev Jozwiak. Terrific artist, really nice lady.

Steven Scott Young - a wonderful people painter.

Brent Funderbunk - Amazing name but superb artist

Fernando Pena - a very well-known artist. How is this for a minimalist painting.
Andy Evanson

??? Dont' know who this is unfortunately but love it. I've been advised this is Janine Galizia - a very well known French artist.

Burhan Ozer  from Turkey - Brilliant.

Charles Reid - something a little different from Charles

Aleksandr Zybin- a Russian artist

Bijay Biswaal - an excellent Indian artist - one of many 

Mahmoud Sandarian - another brilliant artist.

Something different from Yuko Nagayama from Japan. usually she paints still lifes including flowers. 

I hope I have all the names right. This is a selection of different styles and different subjects but they are well worth studying because there is a lot to be learned from them. More to come.


Anonymous said...

You "I don't know" artist seems to be Janine Gallizia. I simply dragged the posted pic to Google Images search box....

Some very fine work. Thanks!


Peter Ward said...

Thanks for the info Greg - much appreciated.

Ian McKendrick said...

A beautiful collection, thanks for sharing Peter.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Ian.