Friday, 21 March 2014

Birds & Butterflies (2)

The subject for `Paint Colorful Birds' this week was the Song Thrush, one of my favourite birds. Unfortunately there has been a large decline in numbers in the UK in recent years. In my previous home at Saltford in the early years we had Song Thrushes in the garden regularly, and even nests on occasion. In the last ten years or so it was rare to see one although I occasionally saw thrushes in the fields or community wood close to my home. There are different theories as to why this is but one of mine is that the rise in blackbird numbers is one possible cause. Blackbirds are very aggressive and bully thrushes. Both birds have similar territories and blackbirds won't tolerate thrushes, driving them away and putting them under severe stress. 

The above drawing was based on a photograph showing a thrushes nest with young, on a branch of what looked like some sort of fir. I decided to concentrate the drawing on the birds. Small amounts of Pebeo Drawing gum was put on with a ruling pen, mainly about the heads. This was done the day prior to the AVA session. I find by doing this one is able to approach the painting in a more considered way. Many of the others are doing something similar as we only have two hours in total and it is surprising how quickly this passes. 

Song Thrush with young. 16" x 12" Waterford High White 140lb (300gsm) not

I am fairly happy with the result although I realise the back of the adult is too dark. This is again my fault for following the photograph too closely, although the surroundings have been depicted very generally. I've since looked at Gerard Hendriks painting of a Song Thrush and admire his interpretation.

Butterfly - initial drawing with masking fluid applied in small amounts for highlights.

Butterfly - 15" x 11" paper (?)

This was a loose colour study in less than 40 minutes.. The reds are Quinacridone Coral (Daniel Smith PR209) and Translucent Orange (Schminke PO71). The greens are Sap Green (Graham), Green-Gold (Rowney PY129), Phalo Green (Maimeri PG7) and Green Apatite (Daniel Smith). Also Ivory Black (Maimeri). The purple is Quionacridone Purple (Daniel Smith (PR255). 

My brushes a mixture of Escoda, Isabey and Rosemary retractable or travel brushes.


Ray Maclachlan said...

Two very nice paintings Peter, really liked the baby birds. You have definitely put the life drawing saga behind you.

Peter Ward said...

Well not quite Ray but I'm trying hard. Thanks for comments.

artist said...

These two paintings are my favorite paintings of yours. They are just beautiful!

And yes I did pick out the birds right away.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for kind comments Delilah.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks for the post Peter. Lovely to keep in touch with what you are doing whilst I am out of action!

Peter Ward said...

Hope you are back with us soon Yvonne. Best Wishes.