Friday, 22 November 2013

Animals in Watercolour

Continuing the series of photographic  selections of  paintings I  either like or have found interesting are the following on animals. I believe all are watercolour but I may be mistaken in one or two instances. In several cases I know little or nothing about the specific artist but searching the web may bring more information if you are particularly taken by them. Bear in mind this is just not about animals but illustrates different ways to approach the subject - which may well be applicable to other things - and I would point to the use of colour, which I think is not sufficiently exploited by many artists. Naturally they are only my opinion(s) and you may disagree. I would love to be able to paint like some of those below.

I'll start with this sensational painting from the superb American artist Bev Jozwiak.

Dave White

Frank Ebers

Lars Kruse - a disciple of Gerard Hendriks

Nigel Short - wonderful colours

Nora McPhail - again wonderful colours but in a more delicate manner.

Peng Zigiang - very bold and dynamic

Solveig Rimstad - actually I'm not fond of cats- they kill too many birds.

The delightful Stephie Butler a master of the delicate use of colour.

Peter Williams - amazing but is this watercolour I rather doubt it.?

Both the above are by the wonderful  American artist Morten E Solberg Snr who paints animals in the landscape.

Finally two from the Dutch artist and really delightful person Gerard Hendriks. I think they are both demos. Gerard's reputation continues to rise and he told me he is coming to the UK in 2015. Although this is some way ahead I'll strive to attend his workshop. I regard him in many ways as a European Charles Reid, although there are differences..


Brenda George said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful paintings Peter, my favourite has to be the Gorilla.
I also second your comment re cats as they play havoc with the birs life in our garden.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Brenda. I also like the gorilla, but several of the others as well. :)

Judy said...

A wonderful selection of animal paintings, Peter! I don't like cats for the same reason, plus... I am allergic to them.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Judy. You have two reasons not to like our furry friends!

Katie said...

I so enjoy your samplings, they are so inspirational. I did a bit of searching and the rhinoceros is indeed a watercolor according to the artist's website. :)


Oscar Solis said...

Excellent paintings. Toss me in to the "not a fan of cats" section too. By that I mean domestic cats (although I do like my neighbors cat, so there's always an exception). I also don't care for paintings of the same. Some of us are just natural dog lovers (I like the larger dogs like my black lab Pearl, but an exception is made for my terrier Petey). However I think big cats are fascinating and beautiful.

Anyhow, the technique in each one is fascinating. As far as the Rhino by Peter Williams I believe it is a watercolor. He has a web site and a blog "Mighty Fine Art" in which he details his methods and from what I've seen he paints mostly watercolors.

As an aside, While I usually like the splash effect that is used in many of the paintings here, the ones that grabbed me the most were those paintings without color splashes.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks Peter. Some lovely paintings. I really enjoyed looking

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Katie. I'll have a look at this artist

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Oscar. I like the splashy ones myself! There are some interesting approaches were with something for everyone. I'll look up Peter Williams.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Yvonne.

Anonymous said...

Hello Peter, I can highly recommend German Wildlife painter Bodo Meier:

He almost exclusively paints in watercolour in a both very precise and loose way, at the same time.
Otherwise, thanks for the list of great artists.


Peter Ward said...

Thanks Christian. I'll certainly look him up.