Friday, 6 September 2013

Landscape Paintings I LIke.

This is another set of paintings I like amongst a great mass of others I've downloaded.  Some of the styles I wouldn't necessarily want to adopt, or indeed be capable of, but all display, in my humble opinion, great artistic merit.

The great Alvaro Castagnet, a very popular workshop artist. This is Pin MIll in Norfolk, a famous painting location for many artists over the decades.

Genevieve Buchanan an enthusiastic artist, and lovely lady, who I met on a number of Charles Reid workshops.

Chen Hong, one of the large number of excellent Chinese watercolour artists.

Christiane Bonicell - see Facebook.

Helga Berger - prominent on Facebook.

He Jiangu - another from China.

Ian Potts - I know nothing more about this artist, certainly strikingly different.

David Taylor the brilliant Australian Watercolour artist.

Millind Mullick - a superb and prolific artist, also on Facebook

Oleg Kozak - a distinctive style, prominent on Facebook

Michal Jasiewicz - a Polish(?) artist

Orhan Gurel from Turkey - one of the best amongst a vibrant group of Turkish watercolour artists.

Ping Long - another from China or is it Taiwan.

Sterling Edwards - an American artist

The general theme here - not in every instance - leans towards impressionistic loose paintings and I make no apology for this. This is what I like but I can appreciate more detailed paintings. More to come.


ann @ studiohyde said...

I agree with you Peter, these are the sort of paintings I love too. A few names I have never heard of here, so thanks for this post, I shall be googling them :)

Yvonne Harry said...

Some lovely stuff Peter. Makes me almost want to have a go!!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ann. These are just the tip of the iceburg.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. They do don't they.

johanna pelaez said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Peter Ward said...

Thank you Leslie.

Peter Ward said...

Thank you johanna.

Michael Wilson said...

With reference to the Ian Potts watercolour. This is in the Aldrich Collection of the University of Brighton, UK. His work has been collected by, among others, the V&A, London and the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, UK. A major retrospective of Ian Potts' work will be displayed at the University of Brighton Galleries from 30July 2016, along with full colour catalogues for sale and over fifty original watercolours signed by the artist. Ian Potts died in 2014 after an illustrious career as an artist and educator. Google: Ian Potts Watercolours

Avigdor Liberman said...
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