Friday, 25 January 2013

Avon Valley Artists - Animals

This was the subject at our meeting a week past Thursday. I decided to cover my effort in a separate post but show other members work, with some excellent paintings here.

Yvonne Harry

Cath Wilkins

Pat Walker

Jan Weeks

Gerald Pink

Since the above sadly Gerald has had a serious fall due to the current snow and icy conditions, and is in Bath RUH, where he is undergoing treatment. He is likely to take quite a while to fully recover and we send our best wishes to him and Sylvia.


Jan Weeks said...

The rhino painting was much admired by all the members of our art group. It has a much more 'solid' feel to it than a lot of your other work. A very successful painting Peter.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jan. You don't much like my other stuff then? (grin)