Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Butt & Oyster

I posted a feature on my visit to Pin Mill in July. After reviewing the photographs  I took, some of which are featured in that article, I decided the two main subjects of interest were the famous Butt & Oyster and the Thames barges. There are other ways of looking at it as there are some glorious panoramic views but unfortunately not my strong point. In the end I decided to concentrate on the Butt & Oyster and cropped one photograph to maximise the pub.This is the result and here it is warts and all as finished. Should I have ignored the fence?

The Butt & Oyster Waterford 18" x 14" not

Greens were mixed from various combinations of yellow and blue except where Hookers Green was utilised, adulterated with touches of Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber to try and make it more natural looking. Only two brushes Rosemary Series 33 Kolinsky Nos 6 and 9. The roof of the pub was a combination of Cadmium Red Pale (Rowney), Cerulean Blue (W & N ), Avignon Orange (Maimeri PR206) and Burnt Umber. The walls are a mixture of Raw Sienna and Gold Ochre (W & N PY42). All colours mixed on the paper. Small touches of other colours like Viridian on the canopy to the right. Darks are usually Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber.


Carlos J. Santos said...

love those clouds!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

The answer to your question is yes, the fence in this case is just being a barrier to the pub and I always like easy access to pubs. lol

Like Carlos, I also like the way you painted the clouds. Just a suggestion if you allow me: maybe you should darken the trees behind the (beautifully coloured) pub to make the building pop out.

Kind regards,


Peter Ward said...

HI Carlos and Rui.Thanks for commenting. Appreciate it.

I agree about the fence. Putting it in was a mistake. A painting is a painting, is a painting... not a copy of a photograph. The bane of an artist when you paint from photographs. I'm much better than I was but still have relapses!

Initially the trees were darker but I didn't like the effect and lightened them. The trees were in danger of overpowering everything else. I will have another shot at Pin Mill because the scenes are so evocative.

Thanks again.