Saturday, 10 November 2018

Latest Paintings

Here are some of my latest efforts. I make the usual proviso I don't post them as good just what I am producing at the moment. My painting has always been on the inconsistent side, partly because I never want to get into a rut and just turn out the same stuff painting after painting.

Hare 16" x 12"

This was an exercise at my art group using a limited pallette. In this instance my choice was  three primaries but not the usual ones. The colours were: Hansa Yellow Medium (Daniel Smith PY97), Permanent Magenta (Maimeri PV19 Rose shade), Turquoise )Lukas PB16). I wouldn't normally do this but it does force you into areas you don't usually go. 

I started this one as I had a short time to spare after finishing the days subject at my art group. This is based on Charles Reid's teachings in his books/videos and workshops. The features are done first. HOWEVER on re-watching his last dvd - Figures in watercolour - I noticed he'd changed his approach ,or at least I thought he had, by doing a wash overall first. I also was looking for inspiration  and  to correct bad habits that seem to develop in my painting. I think the root cause is not painting enough. I read somewhere that to maintain your standard you needed to paint at least three times a week, even more if you wish to improve. Given my advanced age it's also a case of not wanting the rot to set in!

'Dead Horse' Flathead. c 1905 16" x 12"

This is the finished painting. I quite like it even though I'm sure I do things wrongly. I tried not to overwork this one - a perennial problem.

'King of the Jungle - 16" x 12"

I feel, while a reasonable representation I have overworked this one. Lots of colour Translucent Orange (Schmincke PO71). Translucent Brown (Schmincke PBr41), Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith PO49)  plus Cerulean Blue, Burnt Umber , Raw Sienna etc. I also did highlights with some acrylic white,  using a little Pebeo Gum to mask the whiskers. I almost always paint from photos these days and that does incline you towards bad habits. I have learned though not to copy every detail.

'Model' 16" x 12"

This was done on the same session as the above. The left eye facing is not quite right and I may alter it but it was mainly an exercise  in getting the skin tones right which  has  worked reasonably well. I also like the jewellery on the facing left hand side.

Khadi rough A4

A very quick exercise of a treecreeper done on about 20 minutes.

'Big Cat' 16" x 12"

'Ptarmigan in Winter" 16" x 12"

An exercise in simplicity, although not deliberately so.

'Treecreeper' Khadi rough A4

This was done previously to to the  treecreeper one above.

'Jay' 16" x 12"

'Autumn' 16" x 12'

I'm not sure what this bird is.
The papers I am using sat the moment are Waterford High White, Stonehenge Aqua and Khadi rough.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Watercolour Paintings 48

Here are Novembers batch. They are a mixture of different styles and old and newer artists. Hope you like them.

Gerard Hendriks

An excellent example of Gerards Bird Paintings

Edo Hannema

Dianne Benoit

I'm lucky if my Amerindian paintings get half a dozen likes but Dianne got a lot for this one. I'm taking note of how she has approached the subject!

Dusan Djukaric

Jerry de la Rosa

A new artist to me

Winslow Homer
The revered American artist

Trevor Lingard

Stan Miller

Morten e Solberg Snr

Yuko Nagayama

An amazing watercolour

Another from Yuko Nagayama - what a contrast to the previous painting.

Gerda Mertens

The notable Belgian artist

Charles Reid

I was on the workshop  when Charles painted this demo. It was at Burford, near Witney in Oxfordshire.The young man was a member of the hotels staff and and he posed in the garden. It was actually my first with CR and the standard was very high. He commented on this himself and I really struggled.  Although always of a high standard none of the following workshops reached the same level and I gradually adapted. There were artists from all over the World and several were professionals. 

Milind Mullick

The fine American artist Janet Rogers

Catherine Rey

Michelle Clamp

Another from Janet Rogers

Edward Seago - Legendary British Artist

Jean Claude Papieux

Alvaro Castagnet

Chien Chung- Wei

Another from Chien Chung -Wei

Jonathan Kegyir Aggrey

Different one from Jonathan.

Robert Wade

Jan Martens

This artist specialises in birds and they are actually very large

John Yardley

Janine Gallizia


Thats it folks

Friday, 12 October 2018

Watercolour Dot Cards

A few years ago Daniel Smith introduced these dot cards. At least I think they were the first. Since then they have proliferated. Winsor & Newton then offered  a few, I think with some special edition sets and also a basic primary colour set with currently a six dot card from Jacksons at 20p. Schmincke now offer the whole range or - like Daniel Smith - a reduced number at a lower price. There may now be some other dot cards from other makers but I have no current details.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith


This is how Jane Blundell paints out the dot cards. I think her method is best.

Prior to this the options were and still are printed colour charts which are usually free or hand painted charts, often hard to find and quite expensive.

Prices of the dot cards vary. With Daniel Smiths huge range the full 238 set costs £21.00 at current jacksons prices. They also do a 66 one for £7.50. The full 140 colour Schmincke costs £14.60 and the 80 one £9.10.

Daler Rowney Hand Painted Chart

Holbein Hand Painted Chart

Maimeri Hand Painted Chart

I also have a Winsor & Newton hand painted chart. What do I think of them? They are undoubtedly useful, especially if you major on one brand. The snag I find is that the paints are applied very evenly. This may seem an odd thing to say but with my - admittedly - less than perfect methods getting a similar result is very difficult and do you actually want them to be this bland? Jacksons also list hand-painted charts from Rembrandt - no current price. Shin Han at £34.00 and - surprisingly - Cotman at £11.20. I  believe Old Holland also do one but no details.

All makers tend to offer printed colour charts for free. My preference would be for these charts followed by the dot cards. You may feel differently.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Watercolour Paintings 47

Here are the latest batch for October. I've tried to mix them up even more this month.

D Joy McFadden (?)
What colour! Love this.

Edward Wesson

Lars Eje Larsson
The more I see of this artists work the more I like it.

Aine Devine
This Scottish lady is an amazing artist.

John Yardley
One of the greats in the modern era of British Watercolour

Ivelina Vladimirova

Kate Osborne

Viktoria Prischedko

Fabio Cembranelli

Cornelius Dragan

Winslow Homer
Am American great.

Michal Jasiewicz

Chien Chung-Wei - Thought it was probably him. Wonderful Chinese artist.

Milind Mullick

Giulio Boscaine

Yuko Nagayama

Michele Clamp

 Ted Nuttal

Catherine Rey

 Annemiek Groenhout

Aine Devine

Karl Martens

Some terrific artists here I hope most will agree. We all have our different tastes but good painting is universal. How I wish I could paint like many of those above.