Friday, 31 May 2019

Watercolour Paintings 55

This month most of these are from high profile watercolour artists. I'm very envious of their talent and  what they can produce.  Some are amongst my favourite artists, although there are many more spread across the World who come on the same category. I hope you like them.

The Great Gerard Hendriks - just gets better and better!

Yuko Nagayama  - this Japanese artists needs no introduction. This is  rather different to her usual subjects - mainly flowers.

Bev Jozwiak - She has many subjects this is terrific love it.

From Stephie Butler an experimental painting using the new liquid charcoal and the similarly new Transparent Orange from Winsor & Newton . I think it great.

Vickie Nelson -another excellent American

Morten E Solberg Snr. A terrific exponent of wild life paintings

Catherine Rey - She loves clocks!

Alvaro Castagnet -The Workshop King does he ever rest! That red appears in many of his paintings.

Janine Gallizia - The Australian Artist long time in Europe but now going back home.

Charles Reid - My Guru

Myint Naing from Myanmar - Another of these fabulous Asian artists


Rae Andrews Gillian - I don't know this artists but like her style.

Igor Sava

Another from Bev Jozwiak

Chris Forsey


artist said...

So sorry to read of the passing of Charles Reid. I have taken workshops from a few teachers that were blessed to take workshops with him and I came close to taking one with him but because of illness, he cancelled. I will forever regret that I didn’t see him demo. I admire his artwork, he is truly a giant in the art world.
He influenced many artists and will continue to do so. Again my condolences to you.

Peter Ward said...

Hi There . Nice to hear from you. I shall be writing a piece on Charles Reid in the next week or so. A great loss. I have many happy memories of my workshops with him and learned a lot - even though I can't always put it into practice.