Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Watercolour Paintings 50

To start 2019 - and a Happy New Year to everybody - here is a bumper collection of watercolour paintings from a wide range of old and new artists. This is No 50 in this series of watercolours from wonderful artists  around the world.

 Marie-Claire Moudru

The wonderful Shirley Trevana. One of the leading British watercolour artists.

Trevor Chamberlain, along with John Yardley one of the 'masters' of British watercolorists.

Trevor Lingard another top British watercolour artist of more recent vintage

Stan Miller American 'Master, especially  Portraits

Janine Gallizia -  Brilliant Australian

Minh Dam - Another of these wonderful Asian artists

Lelie Abadie - A French artist producing very 'dreamy' portraits.

Chien Chung Wei - I may have featured this before It's a wonderful painting from a fine artist

Lars Eje Larsson

I love this mans work.

Genevieve Buchanan

David Taylor - Brilliant Australian

Bijay Biswaal
Gerard Hendriks - A quite different approach from the versatile Gerard

Beth Jozwiak - a typical figure study

Milind Mullick - 

Joseph Zbukvic

Arthur Melville 1855 - 1904

I recently became aware of this Scottish artist. His watercolours are superb and he also painted in oils, as do and did others like Seago, Wesson, Yardley and Chamberlain.

Another from Arthur Melville

And Another

Janet Rogers (?)

Luen? Amazing painting.

Catherine Rey - See her trademark clocks or watches

Edo Hannema - A  master of the minimalist approach

Chien Chung Wei

Genevieve Buchanan

Genevieve, who I met on a Charles Reid workshop, has recently been featured in 'The Art of Watercolour' magazine, specifically her flower paintings.

Annemiek Groenhout

That's it folks a bumper lot for the start of 2019. I hope you find lots to interest you.


SilverMom said...

I am SO glad that you are continuing to do this series of blog posts (50!!!). As I walk along my own path of learning to paint in watercolors (sometimes progressing, sometimes not...but always learning), I am inspired by the works you feature.

AND, by the posts that feature your works. Happy New Year!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Silvermomand best wishes to you.

Herbert Brauer said...

Thank you for taking the time for this one again Peter, much appreciated. A painTful 2019 to you!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Herbert.

Marcus Lim said...

Hi, the piece that you've named as one done by Igor Sava (you think), is actually one done by the Taiwanese watercolorist Chien Chung Wei. Here's a link to the reference of one of the sources citing this piece.
Thanks for sharing by the way. :)

Peter Ward said...

Thank you Marcus

Unknown said...

Hi Peter, great blog! I live and work in Glasgow (watercolour artist) and was pleased to see you have some Arthur Melville watercolours on your blog. His work is fabulous and my local art gallery and museum (Kelvingrove) have some in their collection. These watercolours are very large and are only displayed somewhat sparingly. Reading about his technique he apparently soaked the paper in a diluted solution of Chinese White and at the time his method was described as "Blotesque"..never the less they are stunning. Thanks for taking the time to put this blog together. Regards Martin Oates

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Martin. I agree about this artist. I didn't know his work but have now seen many more. Excellent.