Thursday, 1 March 2018

Watercolour Paintings 40

Here are Februaries batch, another bumper one with a wide range of subjects and techniques. Like everyone else I prefer some more than others, but that reflects individual tastes and hopefully there is something for everyone. 

Ben Gassenbauer

Cemal Selimgil

Jansen Chow

Rukiye Garip

Yuko Nagayama

The fabulous Japanese artist. Her paintings are almost surreal.

Coral Colmenaras

Amazing detail for a watercolour

TC Orhan Guler

Jem Bowden
Very similar in style to Edward Wesson

Natasha Kolvalchuk

Charles Reid. A Typical figure painting

Nicki Keith Saunders

Trevor Waugh

I did three workshops with Trevor in my early watercolour years. A very professional teacher.

Rajeesh K Karimbanakal's

Gerard Hendriks
Gerard never ceases to surprise with his wide subject matter

Burhan Ozer -I think this is one of his. A fabulous artist.

Kees van Aalst

Author of 'Realistic Abstracts'.

Bev Jozwiak

Love her jackdaws of which there are many.  Her favourite colour is Winsor & Newtons Manganese Blue Hue which is one of the phalo PB15's. She says she tries to use in in every painting. You can see it above.

Stephie Butler

Great Portrait artist and much else

Robert Wade

The great Australian watercolour painter

Another from Stephie Butler

Another from Gerard Hendriks

Bev Jozwiak

Robert Zangarelli

Lorenzo Santini

I really like this one. It's quite different.

Thats it folks. I've indulged myself a little with several from my favourite artists - I have many more as there are so many wonderful artists out there. Having said that some  of the above - quite a few - are new to me.

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