Friday, 30 June 2017

Watercolour Paintings (32)

Here are July's batch. Many of these artists I know nothing about. They are mostly somewhere on Facebook so it should be possible to find them if you are interested in further study of a particular artist. I'm continually amazed at the wealth of watercolour talent out there. There is no doubt in my mind that watercolour is given much more prominence in several of these artists countries than it is in the UK.

Meeta Dani

Amazing painting, Quite staggering detail.

Nathan Fowkes

Celal Gunaydin

Lam Leon

Bev Jozwiak.

One of my favourite artists. I love her jackdaws. She does a whole series featuring them.

Nora McPhail

Nice loose work and colourful typical of this artists work.

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey

This young African artist is making quite a name for himself. This large scale panorama is fairly typical.

Thomas Schaller

Well - known artist with many followers and admirers.

Amal Pawar

Gerard Hendriks

Enough said one of my favourites as readers will know!

Charles Reid

Another  favourite of mine.

Milind Mulick.

The prolific Milind - a very fine artist  with a wide range of colourful subjects.

Stephie Butler

Stephies work is always colourful and worth studying.

Ewa Ludwiczak

The Charles Reid influence is clear to see in much of Ewas work but she does seem to be developing her own take on it.

Abe Toshiyuki

Lost the name of this artist but  decided to leave it in. ADDED 09/07/17 According to Marko the artists above is Heinz Hofer

Same comments as above. I'll try harder in future! According to Marko this is by Ingrid Burchal.

Gerard Hendriks

Gerard did a small series similar to this and I love them.


indianagreg said...

Hi Peter,

I always enjoy these posts. It may help to find out the artist's name if you drag the picture into a Google Image search box (in another tab).


Peter Ward said...

Hi Greg. Thanks for comments. I tried this once before but it didn't work. I'll have another go,

Peter Ward said...

Tried it. Hopeless couldn't get it to work. Followed instructions as best I could. Baffled.

indianagreg said...

Using Firefox with your webpage already loaded, I open a second tab for Google and select "images" at the top right. I then go back to your page and select an image and drag it to the "images" tab (so that the "images" page appears) and don't drop it until I do so in the search box. (If this is what you've done, I'm sorry I can't help further!)

Marko E. said...
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Marko E. said...

Hello Peter, the artist who painted the first of the two flower watercolors is Heinz Hofer from Austria.

Marko E. said...

The second one is by Ingrid Buchthal from Stuttgart/Germany, title "Mimosen"

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Marko