Friday, 21 October 2016

New Products

I've recently bought two new items, basically to solve the same problem. This is my propensity to get masking fluid and acrylic white paint on my clothes. The problem is once it's on you can't get either off. This is due to my  clumsiness which seems to be increasing with age! The pleasures of growing old!

Jacksons Adjustable Artist Apron £23.50p

Getting acrylic white (Vallejo) on my trousers two weeks ago was the last straw. I had to do something about it. Two of the ladies in my group. Pat and Pauline, already wear them but they are a different shape to me and their aprons are on the short side. I wanted something to cover most of my trousers. Pat actually offered to make me one but as I didn't want to put her to the trouble I declined with thanks. Looking at what's available from our usual sources I saw that Ken Bromley had at least two different sorts and so had Jacksons. In the end I decided on the Jacksons because although the most expensive it seemed the most adaptable. It is designed to be unisex and  also adjustable. If you are interested Jacksons illustrates both front and back views. Most others seem a little shorter. It was a little fiddly at first (I'm clumsy) but you soon get the hang of putting the two straps over your shoulders and putting them through the large metal eyelets at the back, which then allows you to tie the straps as loosely or tight as you wish. My initial verdict is favourable although I've only worn it once so far.

Zest-it Masking Fluid Remover. 50ml £4.30p

Jacksons catalogue actually says clothes as well as brushes can be cleaned in claiming this stuff will remove masking fluid. As everyone know masking fluid is lethal in the wrong place and that includes your clothes. I would have thought acrylic paint would be no harder to remove but as far as I can see it just didn't work. In additon the small print on the bottle seems to indicate this stuff misused is dangerous as there are dire warnings about using it very carefully.   Nothing about cleaning clothes though. Hmmm!

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