Monday, 15 August 2016

Another Two

Painted at this weeks AVA session, after drawing the subjects the previous day.

A Nubian Lady 16" x 12" Waterford High White 140lb (300gsm) not

I didn't think this too bad but it has gone down like a lead balloon on my Facebook 'Portraits ' group. Not one like! I don't get many likes for my portraits on there, the one exception being the 'Green Man'. I never expect to be overwhelmed with praise but it seems the mainly Asian membership prefer different styles.  Actually when I painted it at my AVA group they also seemed distinctly underwhelmed.

Running Antelope 16" x 12" Waterford High White 140lb (300gsm) not

Another indian portrait. Possibly on the dull side but so was the guide photograph. Enough said.


Stan Kramer said...

Not my favorite. Sometimes I think you are overly enamoured of straight blue for shadows.

Peter Ward said...

Entitled to your opinion. I tend to use blue as my guru Charles Reid recommends it for cool shadows He's a lot better at it than me though. Too much blue in the top right hand corner but not a lot otherwise.

Laura Moore said...

Who knows why some are liked and others aren't. I think both of these are fabulous but I always look for originality rather than a certain formulaic look. As to the blues interesting to read the above comment especially as I am not averse to using blues in shadows too... but then again I like Charles Reid too. Glad to see you don't pay any attention to popularity either. :-)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Laura. Your remarks sum up my attitude really. I paint mostly with friends as an enjoyable experience, have no commercial aspirations, and just see where it all ends up. Of course there are numerous artists I admire without wanting always to emulate their work. I've sold a few in the past but given far more away mostly to fellow artists who've asked for them.

Oscar Solis said...

"I paint mostly with friends as an enjoyable experience, have no commercial aspirations, and just see where it all ends up."
Just to see where it all ends up. Truer words were never written. Because that's where the real fun lies.

When I draw for commercial purposes I have to make pictures of people as accurate as possible. When I draw or paint for myself I want to be as free to do what I feel is right at the moment. The only person I am pleasing is myself and that is how it should be.

I say keep on, keep on. I could go to a zillion other blogs to look at a zillion other paintings but I like the work you produce.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Oscar. I have no pretensions or unrealistic aims. I'd like to be a better artist and will keep trying until I fall off my perch, hopefully not for a while yet.

Georgee said...

Actually I like them. It is artistic impression of a subject not accurate photographic reproduction that makes a great painting (in my mind anyway )

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comment Georgee.