Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Watercolour Paintings (18)

Here is this months batch of watercolour paintings. Again a mix of well-known  and lesser known artists with a variety of styles. Naturally I include a few of my favourites.

Robert Wade - Doyen of Australian watercolour artists

Gerard Hendriks - A master of colouir and movement - and much else

 Nirupam Konwar - another new one to me

Ewa Ludwiczak - very Charles Reid.

Trevor Waugh - I've seen him paints flowers like this.years ago

Christian Couteau -Very much a colourist

Samiran Sarkar - Simple yet effective

Milind Mulick - colourful and profilic, great use of greens

Charles Reid

Oops! Wrong artist - this is Joseph Zbukvic

Javed Chowdhury - New to me

Another from Gerard Hendriks

Valentino Veriato - |Quite amazing

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey - Amazing young African artist with a growing reputation


Ray Maclachlan said...

Another excellent selection of outstanding watercolours, Peter. I don't know where you get them from. I copy a few into my sketchbook to remind me later on. Am a little concerned about Ewa's work. The still life paintings are too Charles Reid for my liking. Have written to Ewa to suggest she develops her own style and subject matter. She at least uses her own signature..You and I know Charles' work well enough to spot the "fakes". Regards Ray

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. Ewa's work is very Charles Reid, more so than anyone else I've come across. Her recent still lifes are very good though and - dare I say it - I prefer them to some of Charles.

CM said...

The one that you mentioned as from Marie Christina Tintane is actually a sketch of painter Liu Yi from Joseph Zbukvic!