Sunday, 28 June 2015

Watercolour Paintings (5)

Another selection of watercolour paintings, mostly from well-known artists. A variety of different styles with something for everyone (I hope).

Millind Mulick - A very prolific and terrific artist with a huge following on Facebook. Uses a lot of green, considered a difficult colour by some artists.

Alvaro Castagnet - One of the top Worldwide workshop artists - enough said

Bev Jozwiak - this one and the one below are typical Bev. I love her jackdaws. She has a book out but you won't find it on Amazon or in Waterstones unfortunately. You will need to hunt it down probably via her website or Facebook page.

 Bev Jozwiak

Christian Couteau - A very distinctive style and use of colour.

Charles Reid - My guru (along with Gerard).

 David Taylor - One of the top Australian watercolourists

Edo Hannema - again less well-known but still good and this one appealed to me with its simplicity and subtlety, very hard to emulate.

Gerard Hendriks - a change from birds and animals, simple yet effective. Not one of my favourites - I love his birds.

Gerda Mertens - the famed Belgian artist, this one unfinished but very interesting to study how it is developing

 Jem Bowden - I don't know much about this artist, conventional but effective village scene, typically British.

Liu Yi - a Chinese artist now teaching at EPC Catalonia. Look how subtle this is.

N B Gurung - another  high profile artist with a large following on Facebook. 

Nita Engle - the terrific American artist who wrote an interesting book detailing her methods. Not for the fainthearted! I remember Ron Ranson showing her book to his students on a workshop.

Trevor Chamberlain. Considered one of the very best British watercolour artists, although originally painting in oils. 

Vickie Nelson - not so well known as some of the others but excellent nevertheless

Thats it then. I hope these prove interesting. I wish I could paint as well as many (most) of these people. You can almost certainly find the majority of them by just `googling' the name if you particularly like their style.  They are all on Facebook and some at least have their own web sites..


Edo Hannema said...

Thank you Peter! I followed your link and what a nice surprise! Very much appreciate this!

Peter Ward said...

No problem. Best of luck with your paintings.

Polly Birchall said...

Thank you for introducing me to some of these artists that are new to me.

Peter Ward said...

Some wonderful (undiscovered) artists around Polly - many, many of them.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks Peter for taking the time to seek them out. A lovely selection

Art shed said...

Wonderful work!Unforgettable pieces of art. Thanks for sharing in detail. I love work of Liu Yi and N B Gurung.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for your kind comments.

hap said...

Had never seen Bev's work before, will now actively look for more of it! Hope your Holidays are joyous my friend! I'm still slinging paint! PM me your snail mail address and I'll send you this year's card. I am working hard at spending more time in the studio painting and learning! It's a slow process for a skull as thick as mine!