Friday, 19 June 2015

Latest Portraits

I have managed to complete a couple of paintings, mainly at  AVA `unofficial' sessions recently, although I did the drawing of `Many Goats' in my home `studio'. They are both portraits, although quite different.

16" x 12" Waterford 140lb (300gsm) not

This is an impression of the late Amy Winehouse, a very troubled, if highly talented singer/songwriter. I saw what I presumed to be a very impressionistic photo/illustration in the Weekend part of the Observer newspaper. I was very taken by the colours and also the way the eyes and lips absolutely stood out. It's a new way of doing things for me, although based on my Charles Reid mantra of small areas of detail, large areas of generality. I concentrated on getting the lips and eyes as accurately as I'm capable of. To me they were the key, the rest just window dressing. Colours used were Sap Green (Graham)and Apatite Green ( DS), various reds, Gold Ochre (W & N), Ultramarine Violet with darks, mainly Ultramarine Blue with either Burnt Umber or Transparent Brown (Schminke), some Cerulean heavily diluted, in fact all the facial colours were heavily diluted. I'm quite pleased with it faults and all. 

Many Goats - Venerable Navaho Indian 1913 16" x 12" Centenaire

The top illustration was done a week ago and the final version yesterday. I think I prefer the partially finished painting! For some reason the finished painting has come out lighter.although taken with the same camera.

Never fear, next up will be the final part of John's excellent take on watercolour easels including a summary and much about Edward Wesson. It will take me a little time to type it all up.


Jan Weeks said...

A very strong rendering of amy Winehouse. It's definitely all about the eye which you have captured so well.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jan.

Polly Birchall said...

Great portrait paintings. Love the Amy one with the hint of mystery

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Polly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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