Friday, 24 October 2014


This was the subject of last Thursdays AVA session. Slightly down on members with only 12 or so present.

Pat Walker at work.

My setup also with ipad reference 

Slightly Ășnderstrength 

Pauline Vowles

Robert Heal

Gerald Pink

Jo McKenna

Pat Walker

Yvonne Harry (unfinished)

Peter Ward

An interesting session, not one of my favourite subjects but you have to take them as they come and it does stretch you.


Ray Maclachlan said...

Very delicate Peter, and nicely done.

Oscar Solis said...

Very nice. Lovely use of color. I also like the fact that you don't worry about filling in the background to the edges. I'm not that brave.

Also, I like Jo McKenna's, particularly the sky. I really like those blooms.

I really like that you post the AVA sessions. It's always a pleasure to see the fine work that is created.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. Always pleased to hear from you.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Oscar. I don't like filling in everything which makes it difficult at times. I'm sure my fellow AVA artists will be pleased.

Jil Walters said...
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