Friday, 1 August 2014

Mountain Sheep

This is a fairly quick study (11/2 hours with breaks) I painted it at the AVA `unofficial' session on Thursday. Only ten members were present and all did their own thing. I arrived there not knowing what to do so it was very much `off the cuff' so to speak.

Mountain Sheep - Waterford 16" x 12" High White

The guide photograph had another sheep to the left and further back but in the interest of simplification I left it out. I made a loose drawing, apart from the head where I was more careful. I also put some masking fluid on, the Schminke ammonia-free variety, a sort of milky white. This is the first time I've tried it so no real views as yet.

The original guide photo is of a very large panorama, which I changed by making the sheep much larger and making it the main feature. Colours included Green-Gold (PY129), Sap Green (Graham), Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith (PO49), Cerulean and Phalo Blue (PB15). Greens for the trees were mixtures of yellows, Hansa Yellow Medium (Daniel Smith PY97), Indian Yellow (Rowney (PY153) and blues, mainly Ultramarine (PB29).  Its a mixture of hot and cold with the `hot' colours in the forefront and the `cool' receding into the distance.

Usual brushes, only two or three Escoda and Rosemary retractables.


Mick Carney said...

I love this one Peter. Great colour but more importantly the value judgements you have made give this a real lift.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mick. Is this from sunny Florida?.