Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sitting Bull Again

Sitting Bull is one of the major figures in the history of the conflict between the American Indians and the settlers/ American cavalry. All the photos I've seen show a hostile implacable demeanor - he never smiles - but then many Indians didn't - particularly in the early years, because they had a superstitious dread of so losing their soul. In numerous instances they were physically restrained and held while being photographed.

Sitting Bull - Arches Hot Press 16" x 12"

This is only the second painting I've done using hot press paper -  Arches. A partially used block was given  me by Jan Weeks of Avon Valley Artists some time ago. The effect is different but I rather like it so will try some more, although I don't buy Arches as it has become so expensive. 

As for the painting the likeness is not 100%, mainly due to the eyes not being quite right. In the guide photo his stare is riveting! I'm also resisting becoming too tight and used the Da Vinci Artissimo 44 No 2, roughly similar in size to a 14 round, although a different shape, as much as possible. The features were completed with the Isabey Size 6 retractable.

I made an initial pencil drawing with an 07 2B mechanical pencil without using any mechanical aids to get the proportions right. I don't think there any major errors. The guide photo used was on the ipad. I don't want an exact result as I'm not keen on photorealistic paintings of any sort.

The colours were mainly Cadmium Red mixed with Ultramarine Blue, in different mixes, plus some Cobalt Violet. The hair is Ultramarine and (mainly) Burnt Sienna/Burnt Umber, again in various dilutions. 


HanaB said...

He looks terrific! And tough!

Peter Ward said...

He certainly was!

Connie in Alabama said...

Just wonderful! The nose is excellent, and you captured his mouth. Perhaps you don't like his eyes because the whites are too white? Maybe a wash on the eyeballs?

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Connie. I wanted to capture his very fierce expression!