Friday, 17 January 2014

The Tufted Coquette

This is the latest bird subject on the `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun' Facebook community. Can't say I'm very happy with it and have cropped the painting somewhat. It's colourful but that's about it.

Lots of scope for colour, too much possibly, with all the usual suspects present.  I think it an example of what happens when things get too complicated so I should have simplified much more. I may have another shot at it this afternoon but am more inclined to do an Indian portrait as I've just been watching the Charles Reid `Figurative Watercolours' video again.. Unfortunately since Xmas eve I've been struggling with a virus which has ebbed and flowed and returned with a vengeance yesterday. I think perhaps this was due to the soaking received when leaving Bath Artists studios on Monday. Still I feel better today so fingers crossed. I've been doing some work on the Kolinsky Sable brush piece but still more to do before I can post it.

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