Sunday, 7 July 2013

Paintings I Like (Amongst Others)

In my travels across the net, particularly on Facebook, I have accumulated a vast number of paintings, all watercolour I believe. Many are absolutely stunning although I realise this is down to individual preference.They cover a range of styles leaning towards the impressionistic and colourful. I have deliberately excluded portraits, of which I have a vast number. In most cases I know little about the artists. there are so many, of whom a lot are relatively unknown in the West. My own painting has lapsed in the last month for reasons I have indicated elsewhere, but looking at many of these  is sure to increase the desire to get out the paint brushes and just paint! 

Christian Couteau

Viktoria Prischedko

Gerard Hendriks

Burhan Ozer

Millind Mullick

Yuko Nagayama

Zhao Zhigiang

Direk (or Derek) Kingnok

Geoffrey Johnson

Z L Feng

I think that will do for now. I have many, many more and if this creates enough interest I will repeat the process with more stunning paintings. I think I have most of the artists names  but welcome corrections.


Mick Carney said...

A lovely selection of work, thanks for showing them. Hope you get back into the routine soon.

ann @ studiohyde said...

You are right Peter, you have a stunning collection of paintings saved from the internet. I'm going to be looking up some of these names.
So glad you have shared them ツ

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mick. Some superb work amongst them without a doubt.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ann. Glad you like them.

Ray Maclachlan said...

Very good collection Peter, amazing how we all see the world and portray it so differently. Have just been to a Turner from the Tate exhibition in Canberra. 79 watercolours on show, wonderful.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray. It is amazing isn't it how vision is so different.

Brenda George said...

What a beautiful selection of paintings you have chosen, very well worth looking up the Artists, thank you for sharing.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for your kind words Brenda.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks for this post Peter. You can do this type of post as often as you like. I will enjoy exploring the artists work in more depth.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. I think I will do a few more at intervals.