Tuesday, 30 October 2012

And Another `Newsflash'.

Just received an e-mail from Great Art www.greatart.co.uk/ with a number of offers on watercolour paints. Pebeo, a budget make with 28 colours, has been reduced to 96p a tube! I've never tried this newish one so cannot speak for it.

Rui alerted me today to the very cheap prices on offer for Winsor & Newton from Great Art. I have received an e-mail from them but this wasn't highlighted, so you may need to go into watercolour paints and find W & N. On all pans, and tubes, whatever the size, discounts range from 51% - 55%. This is incredibly cheap but there is no indication as to how long this offer will last. It may I suspect be only very temporary before a price hike, witness Jacksons new catalogue just received, where Series 1 14ml are £7.70p. These sort of prices were introduced at the beginning of 2012 but (presumably) customer resistance or hot competition meant that lower prices than these have been on offer from one source or another all year. I think they'll have a similar difficulty in 2013. In any event before you buy check the website prices and compare.

Jacksons latest 2012/2013 catalogue www.jacksonsart.co.uk/

I haven't studied this in detail yet to see what price movements have taken place. On first glance the things that probably interest the watercolour artist the most, paints and papers, don`t appear to have moved much if at all. This after only a cursory glance so don't hold me to it! The Jacksons catalogue is distributed far and wide so copies will be arriving with Leisure Painter and The Artist as well as those to existing buyers. Note added : I have checked Jacksons prices and and all the leading artists quality makes remain unchanged as do the watercolour papers, both sheets and blocks, from Waterford, Arches, Fabriano et al. After the price hikes at the beginning of the year this is welcome BUT still look for special offers.


Rui said...

Hi Peter,

You are most welcome. It really sounds very good to buy a W&N Cadmium colour for £7.50 including VAT.

Few days ago I placed an order for "Daring Color" by Anne Abgott and it seems that the delivery has been delayed.

I have got the list of all the colours that she used in the book from a sample chapter in the publishers website but unfortunately I do not have the list of the manufacturer for each of the colours and I suspect she used W&N in at least some of them. Hopefully I'll eventually receive the book so that I can take opportunity of this GreatArt special offer in case I am missing one for me to test.

Kind regards,


Daniel Novotny said...

Hi Peter,
thanks a lot for the info! I checked Greatart.co.uk and you are right, the prices are fantastic!

Judith Farnworth Art said...

I've received the Jackson's catalogue today and the W&N tubes are from 2p to 4p cheaper than Ken Bromley's, so yes a good buy as I have always found KB's to be marginally cheaper than anywhere.

Judith Farnworth Art said...

Forget the last comment have since checked Great art and that is cheap!!! Much cheaper than KB's as well good find!!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks to Rui who spotted it first. Thanks for comments one and all.