Thursday, 13 September 2012

Avon Valley Artists - Thursday 13 September

This was the second session of the Autumn programme and had the very low attendance of 9 members. The feeling seemed to be that many were taking the opportunity to have a holiday, after grand parenting duties during the long Summer holidays. As I usually arrive early and arrange the tables and chairs it was a bit of a wasted effort!

The subject this week was `Transport', which allowed a wide interpretation. I chose to paint from a black and white photograph of the last hostile Apaches, the band of Geronimo and Naiche, taken in 1886. The `transport' connection of course are the horses. I shall cover this in a separate post as it is an interesting story.

You can see how empty the hall is!

Paintings set up for the viewing - we don't actually have a critique.

Empire Flying Boat by Robert Heal. Watercolour & Gouache

Cyclist by Jan Weeks.

Balloons by Jo McKenna

Minis by Sylvia Pink.

Gerald Pink

Watercolour & Acrylic by Clive Brotherton

San Franciso Tram by Yvonne Harry

Really we are just getting warmed up and hopefully will get fully  into our stride next week when the subject is `Leaves and Berries'. Plenty of those about at the moment. The following weeks subject is `Abstract' so that will tax many of us. The annoying thing is that the weather over the last two weeks has been better than previously and it would have been perfectly possible, although somewhat windy, to paint outside.

Finally my tube of Quinacridone Purple had arrived via Robert and I gave a splodge to both Jan and Yvonne. I will be doing a post on this colour and hope to have Jan and Yvonne's input.


artist said...

Excellent work. I especially like Yvonne's and Clive's painting. Didn't see your work posted.

Your meeting place is filled with light and seems like a nice place to spend an afternoon painting.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Delilah. I'll be posting my painting as part of a separate post as there is an interesting story behind it - well to me at least!

Mick Carney said...

Obviously an enjoyable club to work in. Nice to see the range of interpretations of the designated subject.

Peter Ward said...

Yes Mick a nice group to belong too. We are all friends although mostly only see each other at the weekly meetings. Thin on the ground this week. Increasing age and infirmity is having a toll on numbers.

Janice Weeks said...

I have tried out the quinacridone purple; a lovely clear colour and I would imagine it would be a very useful colour for painting flowers, but would have limited use in landscapes and figurative work. I don't think I will be adding this one to my palette Peter, but enjoyed testing it.