Friday, 9 March 2012

Drawing Exercise

Last Thursday at Avon Valley Artists the subject was drawing. Any subject was allowed and any drawing medium but no painting. I wasn't able to stay for the full session due to additional grand parenting duties (at short notice) so decided to try one of my previous Indian studies of a Hopi man. This would also enable me to draw upon current Bath portrait studies at the City of Bath college. I decided to use mainly charcoal with some initial pencil work.

Hopi Indian Man

A1 Cartridge paper 200gm  - Willow charcoal and charcoal Pencil.

Charcoal is messy but is great for a loose `go for it' type of approach. I fixed the charcoal with hairspray. Comments welcome.


hap said...

I think you got the mouth just a wee bit wonky Peter...otherwise it's a pretty good value study! The eyes are spot on, and the definition of the nose is great!

Peter Ward said...

Hi Hap Nice to hear from you. Yes the mouth isn't quite right. I've already had one go at it but as the painting is fixed I don't have much scope for doing any more. It's basically a study and in that respect I'm pretty happy with it.