Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Watercolour Paintings 36

Here are Novembers batch of watercolours. A very wide variety of styles and subjects.  Many are extraordinary examples of the watercolour artists range and I marvel at the brilliance of many of these artists. Quite a few are unknown to me.

Catherine Rey

Robert Wade

Alexander Miras

Dusan Djukar

Gerard Hendriks

Bev Jozwiak

Joseph Kote

Asian Artist - unable to translate name

Edo Hannema

N. B Gurung

Unknown  unable to translate name.

Aparah Townh

Hement Mokod

Ewa Ludwiczak

Wu Shang- Fen

Xi Gvo

Yuko Nagayama

Gajanan Shelke

Virgil Carter

Aud Rye

John Cooney

Gulshan Achari

N.B Gurung

Aunghtef Lwia

Thomas W Schaller

Chien Chung Wei

Roberto Zangarelli

Jonathan Kwegyir aggrey

Stephie Butler

Boonkwang Noncharoen

Michal Jasiewicz

I'm not confident I have all the names 100% right so please correct me if you can.


Allan Engelhardt said...

I think I say this every month, but: thank you for compiling these. It is very helpful and inspirational.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Allan.

abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Hmmm....havent visited this blog for a while....

I was so into traditional archery for this couple of months until i had to give my car to my father because his car crashed.

Now, being footless/ legless, got me into thinking about watercolour again...

In archery its very straight forward. U either hit the target or miss it.

In wTercolour....maybe its the same.