Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Watercolour Paintings 27

This is Februaries batch of watercolour paintings. A mixture of styles, subjects, colour, featuring some well-known as well as lesser known artists.

Gerard Hendriks

Aud Rye

Ilya Ibryaev - a minimalist painting

Milind Mulick

Frank Ebers - wow!

Gerard Hendriks - a quick and delightful sketch

Nora McPhail - self portrait

N B Gurung

Olivia Quinton - love the colours

Eugene Macimi

Laura McCracken - an unusual subject

Michael Reardon

Michael Jasiewicz

Maria Cristina

Charles Reid - Singer Sargeant painting. This is a made up composition

Tsukiyo Ono

Some wonderful paintings here. The only thing missing is the sizes and I imagine the large panoramas must be at least half-sheets. 


Gerard Hendriks said...

Hi Peter,
Thank you for posting my paintings.

The format of the sunflowers 50x32 cm.
The format of the Robin 18x17 cm.

Have a nice day,


Peter Ward said...

You are welcome Gerard

Yvonne Harry said...

Hi Peter,
Have just got around to catching up with your last 4 or 5 posts. Thank you for sharing all the lovely paintings. I guess you know me well enough to know which I love.
As for the new range of paints, it is interesting even if a little confusing.
You are of course right. How many paints can you have in your palette. But I am seduced by DS Wisteria and Lavender. I think I will have to have them and I do like the idea of a 'blue' Paynes Grey.
It is getting to be a bit of a mine field, and like you, I find some DS colours set rigid in the tube after a very short time!!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Yvonne. I suspect it would be possible to create those two colours as they are PR122 and White. Just a question of trying out various combinations. To have to have them to start with though.